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How we got our start

The ideals behind HomeGrown have been shaped over several decades. Founder Andy Misiaszek served in the Navy after graduating high school. It was serving abroad on the USS Abraham Lincoln where he developed core values of patriotism, hard work, and discipline. Returning home, he started a family and struggled to support them with no education or formal training. Working his way up in the retail industry, he learned the values of communication and how to interact with and understand the American consumer. He later trained and received his cdl license to further his career. During his time as a Budweiser delivery driver, he gained a better understanding for the pursuit of the American dream, and the idea that in America, you can still do anything you want through hard work, careful planning and a little luck. After re-aggravating an old Navy injury that ultimately left him disabled, he was forced to leave Budweiser and set a laser focus on attaining new dreams for his family and himself. He went back to school and obtained his master's degree in Business. In mid 2020 he uprooted his family from Massachusetts, opting to escape to a state that more accurately aligned with his goals and visions for himself and his children. While working for a large corporation it became clear that the ideas of mainstream America had drifted too far from the ideals of main street America. He saw this as a call to action and HomeGrown was born.


The American economy relies heavily on the workforce of other countries. With the growing supply chain issues and constant inflation concerns it was obvious that it was time to get things back to the American way. Homegrown offers higher quality products from small businesses and vendors that share the same core idea of encouraging American growth and prosperity. As a disabled Veteran it is important to Andy that HomeGrown be a model of support for not just the armed forces and first responder communities, but Veteran-owned businesses that produce American made products.

All of us are all looking for a way forward, a way to bring America back, a way to secure our dreams for our children's futures. The answer is right here at home. Across the country small businesses are breaking away from the mainstream and returning to more traditional ideals. These businesses are all around us, largely operating in e-commerce and struggling to garner the attention of the American consumer. Uniting these like-minded businesses under one roof makes us all strong together. This charters a new path forward for our country, one that depends on American made products by American companies. The Next chapter in our countries history is just beginning, and we the American people will lead it to new heights together.


Andy Misiaszek

Owner & Founder 2021

Let's Save America Together 

buying American made products supports the American economy.

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